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Commercial Pest Control
  • Rodent control
  • Insect control
  • Mammal control
  • Bird Control

Designed to provide a full pest control (some of which include mouse control, flying insects and rat control) service to a wide variety of businesses covering all pest species. Examples of premises covered,

  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Medical Centres
  • Office Blocks
  • Retail
  • Parks
  • Airports
  • Leisure Complexes
  • Garages
  • Restaurants
  • Food Manufacturers

We can provide cover for virtually any business whether it is in Bedford, Hitchin, Luton etc. in fact any where within the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire areas. The main reasons for mouse control for example in the commercial sector, is to stop the spread of relative diseases, prevent damage to property and products, to help protect public perception and to ensure a pest free environment for company employees. We aim to ensure the businesses we cover for example in Bedford, Hitchin and cambridgeshire as well as all other areas, are protected under our Proactive Routine control to help prevent future pest intrusion.

Routine Prevention Contracts

A prevention service designed to deter any pest infestation establishing in the first place. This service is mainly geared up for the prevention and monitoring of rodents'' and other selected pest types. If you are required to protect your site from rodents and other pests or your site is at risk from possible infestations this service could be suited to your requirements.

A number of control points are set up on external and internal perimeters to create a potential protective boundary. As relevant pest species migrate to the protected area they are intercepted by the control points. In order for this process to work efficiently regular visits through out the year are required. A pest management folder is supplied and all activity is recorded on each visit as well as containing relevant contact, HSE and COSH details. Advice on any relevant proofing and house keeping measures is also included.

Proactive control begins with a free no obligation survey. Relevant information is gathered regarding the clients operation, their needs accessed and to conclude a recommendation of cover is provided.

Reactive Control

A pest control service for where pest species have already managed to established a presence. Immediate cover is needed, for example the control of wasps, fleas and rats. All these situations require a reasonably quick response to eradicate the pest species.

Upon receiving a request we attempt to work with our customers to deal with the situation efficiently at a time which will cause least disruption to their business.

We can carry out work 24hrs / 7days a week. So call us on our Hertfordshire number: 01462 768 390

Bird Control

There are a number of options designed for control against birds. All of these methods are humane and are based on preventing the situation occurring in the first place. They are all forms of proofing against or using specialist scare techniques to move the birds on to another location. Materials used are constructed from plastic or usually stainless steel to ensure an optimum life span.


By netting an area frequented by birds it completely denies access to them. This can be a small bit of netting over a window ledge to a complete roof being netted to prevent birds from landing on it. This method is nearly always used in highly populated areas. The netting can be supplied in a number of colour variations and will blend into the building surround so well that most of the time it will not even be noticed.

Spike Systems

This is a system mainly used to deter perching on surfaces like window ledges, gutters, signs and parapets etc. They are not designed to harm the birds in any way, they merely make it extremely difficult and annoying for them to land thus they are forced to move on to find an easier option.

Bird Wire

This system is for use on light infestation sites only. Again mainly for the use of ledges etc. Its advantage is that it is much more inconspicuous than the spike systems. The system consists of a thin, sprung wire between set posts at about 6 inches above the ledge.

Scaring Techniques

These are more specialist situations which included forced bird movement by amplified sound of relevant distress bird calls.

Bird Foul Removal

A number of diseases and bacteria can be found in bird foul. As part of our programme we can remove foul including any accessible nests and treat the cleaned area with specialist disinfectant, Px- Ornikil. All cleaning work is carried out with the correct personal protective equipment by our operators.

Common Pests We Take Care Of:

Wasps Nests Rat Ant Cockroach Weevil Fly Mouse Squirrel Flea Bed Bug Mole Pigeon

Areas We Cover:

  • Hertfordshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Cambridgeshire

AND for some of our agricultural or more specialist services we will cover most of the East Of England across to Oxford and up to Coventry.

Areas We Cover

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  • Established 1996
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